South River Watershed Coalition

From streams, creeks, riverbanks and the South River, our local waterways offer vast recreational opportunities as well as support wildlife, agriculture and, ultimately, our community’s health and economic prosperity. Keeping our South River healthy requires a healthy watershed. The South River Watershed Coalition inspires and facilitates collective and individual action to protect our watershed for years to come. We bring community members, businesses and organizations together to promote community health by promoting watershed health. Together, we can protect our water way of life by adopting everyday sustainable behaviors and creating a positive impact that supports the well-being of this ecological resource for generations.

What is a watershed?

The South River and its watershed – all the land that drains into the river – tie together the communities where we live, work and recreate. Our community and the natural habitat are all interconnected in this watershed, and all require healthy rivers and streams to flourish.


Although it had a rocky time throughout the 20th century, the South River watershed has since gone from a misused natural resource, polluted and avoided, to a cherished resource for recreation, wildlife, and local pride. All of this is to say, with peoples’ help even the most forgotten natural area can be restored to a pristine waterway for all to enjoy.

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