Mission & History

South River Watershed Coalition

Safeguarding an entire watershed requires collective action. The South River Watershed Coalition mobilizes communities and businesses in the Shenandoah Valley to better understand the vital nature of our South River and take action to protect it. Join us in improving awareness of the interconnectivity of our environment and the benefits of restoring and protecting the South River watershed.


Conserve the South River Watershed to ensure healthy communities and a sustainable economic resource for generations to come. We want to preserve our water way of life by:

  • Protecting the watershed to ensure the health of the South River for future generations.
  • Engaging the community to inspire collective and individual action that positively impacts the South River
  • Convening watershed groups and stakeholders to learn about different perspectives and foster collaboration and information sharing.
  • Sharing the recreational opportunities on the South River and the role of recreation as an economic driver for the region.
  • Working with other environmental conservation organizations to facilitate ecological conservation and watershed-conscious practices.

Historic Timeline